Promising signs despite narrow loss

23 August 2019

Dragons gave a tough battle to Magnitka

A winning start

22 August 2019

Romazan Cup opened with KRS victory

Hello again!

17 August 2019

Ethan Werek signed one-year deal

From the AHL to our playoffs?

10 August 2019

Kunlun Red Star season preview by

Halted at the last

7 August 2019

Dragons finished second in Renaissance Cup

Full circle

6 August 2019

Dragons reach Renaissance Cup final

Champions of China

6 August 2019

Another local derby goes our way

Greetings from the ‘Great 8’

4 August 2019

KRS Select win Chinese rivalry

A chance to recall Alaska

3 August 2019

Garet Hunt talks to

Experimental roster starts pre-season

2 August 2019

Renaissance Cup was launched in Beijing

Looking ahead. As always

28 July 2019

Rudi Ying is getting ready for his fourth pro season

Jaw back for more

26 July 2019

Brayden Jaw signed for one more year

Kunlun Red Star