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The concept of “home ice” has always been filled with a special meaning for our club. With a high mission of developing hockey in China on our shoulders we were not confined to one city and over the course of four seasons, the Kontinental Hockey League games were seen by fans not only in Beijing but also in Shanghai and Shenzhen. As we approach the 2022 Winter Olympics, which was the main incentive for the creation of the HC Kunlun Red Star, our team returned to Beijing finding its home in Shougang arena built as part of the future Olympic village.

But the harsh life made adjustments: the coronavirus pandemic made it impossible to stage major sport events in China and our club was forced to seek shelter in Russia. In July, an agreement was reached to stage home games of the 2020/21 season at the Mytishchi Arena, perhaps the best sports facility in Moscow region. For us, it is absolutely the best. We are grateful to the arena management for their responsiveness and desire to create all conditions for the team, which thanks to this was able to maintain its membership in the KHL. We do not know how long the forced exile will last, and we believe that we will be able to return to China in the near future. But whenever this happens, we will keep the warmest memories of our stay in Mytishchi.

Kunlun Red Star