July, 2018 - Kunlun Red Star

Jyrki Aho – a new challenge for his 44th birthday

30 July 2018

There’s not a lot of time for days off as Red Star revs up for the coming season – but Tuesday might give our assistant coach Jyrki Aho a brief day of respite. The Finnish expert, who is also in charge of China’s national team, celebrates his 44th birthday as our guys gear up for the start of the KHL season. Ahead of the party, we grabbed a quick chat with the birthday boy to find out about one of the most intriguing milestones of his life in hockey.

Getting ready in Riga

30 July 2018

This year, Red Star gathered in Riga to prepare for its third KHL campaign. Our players arrived in the Latvian capital from all over the world in time for the annual two-day medical checks, plus team-building activities and the first pre-season camp of the year.

Raitis Pilsetnieks: Inviting Keenan was no mistake

30 July 2018

Kunlun Red Star President and General Manager Raitis Pilsetnieks gave an interview to KHL.ru, in which he spoke about the 2017-18 season, the kind of system in place at this new club, and the global ambitions of Chinese hockey.

Jussi Tapola: KHL and Kunlun – a new challenge at a higher level

30 July 2018

The incoming head coach of Kunlun Red Star, Jussi Tapola, gave an interview to KHL.ru in which he spoke of his expectations for the Chinese club, his wealth of experience, the role of the KHL in the development of hockey, and much more.

Eyes on Finland! Jussi Tapola becomes our new head coach

30 July 2018

We are excited and honored to name Jussi Tapola as our new head coach. 43-year-old specialist will be guiding Kunlun Red Star in 2018-19 KHL Championship.

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