Thanks, Kovi & Co!

1 May 2021

Yesterday, we noted that this was a time for big personnel decisions and today we can announce the first of them. Our coaching team from last season will not be returning. Alexei Kovalev and his assistants, Vyacheslav Kozlov, Igor Ulanov and Nikolai Mishin are leaving Kunlun Red Star.

The club is grateful to them for their work. It’s impossible to overstate the significance of what they achieved last season in uniquely difficult circumstances. The team entered the KHL campaign with almost no pre-season and for at least two months the roster was changing on an almost daily basis during the regular season. In that unenviable situation, the Dragons’ coaching staff refused to raise the white flag and did everything they could to make our team as competitive as possible.

We are sure that this difficult season gave Kovi & Co priceless experience that will undoubtedly help each of them as they continue their coaching careers. We thank all four coaches for the physical and psychological energies they invested in our team and wish them success in their future careers.

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