Curt Fraser postgame interview over Amur 0122

22 January 2020

Reporter: Please comment on tonight's game.

Curt Fraser: A real good way to finish the home stand. Believe we were 3-1-1, 7 out of 10 points was big for our team. And a real good confidence builder for going out in the road trip now, and a long one. 


Games like this, they can be very difficult. It was a good character builder for our hockey team and showed our guys what they can do if they put their minds to it. Getting down early and just sticking with the game and battling hard back was huge for our hockey club and a great way to finish this home stand. 


Adam Cracknell, we lost him for a long time and that hurt our team. He’s been working really hard to get back in his game shape. And tonight scoring 2 goals for us was huge. Another guy, Brule, continues to play well. And Luke Lockhart’s line with Spencer Foo and Tyler Wong has been terrific for us for 5 games now. We get some good things, some positive things happening to our team. Happy for our guys tonight. They played well. 


It was also great to get Miller back. Finally, we need him in the lineup playing well. DeFazio comes back in tonight, did a great job. You know his physical presence really helped us. And I thought our defense were kind of up and down tonight a little bit. But at the end of the game, our goaltender play fantastic, Smith, our goaltending has been fantastic this year, just giving us a chance to compete every night to win. Our defense, they are getting better. Hopefully in this road trip, our team will really come together and have a good rundown about the structure.


Happy Chinese New Year. Coming up here, it’s a big night. Anyway, we’ll be back in a month. And look forward to getting back to show our best here and play some great hockey.

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