Curt Fraser postgame interview over Sibir 0114

14 January 2020

Reporter:Please comment on tonight's game.

Curt Fraser: Just a real hard-fought battle tonight. A real entertaining game and both teams played hard, physical, so a lot of contact during the game tonight.


Our team found a way to battle back and take a lead in the third. It was a fantastic effort by our guys. And then, I don’t know, the Hockey Gods or something aren’t taking care of us. Late in the game, we gave up a couple very unusual goals. But then it goes to shootout. You know when you love the shootout when you win, you hate it when you lose. So a tough ending to the game. But a hard-fought battle for our team.  


That game had everything: great goals, big hits, a lot of battles. It was a men’s game out there tonight. Our guys stuck with them the whole way. I thought we would get that win but we did not. Gotta continue to learn from these games. But it was nice to see Devante got a couple of goals. Spencer Foo, another goal, another great game. And Shinkaruk coming through. So we started to get this little bit of goals climbs from other places. And hopefully it gotta help us in the future.

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