Curt Fraser postgame interview over Sibir 0113

13 January 2020

Reporter: Please comment on tonight's game.

Curter Fraser: It’s a very disappointing night for our team. They started fast, scored some goals. That’s a good contribution from a lot of guys tonight. And still fell short at the end. Some undisciplined play again. 


Smitty did his best gave us a chance to win the game. And we were in good position until the penalty. That kind of change things. They had been coming on strong through the second half of the game. Anyway, really disappointing. We should have won this game tonight. But these things have been lingering around for a long time, some of the mistakes we make. And it caught up to us tonight.


Coming off a long road trip and coming back here. A little concerned about tonight, you know, how the guys would feel. But I thought their effort was excellent and they gave everything they had. But really found a way to shoot ourselves in the foot again. So it’s on us. We expect a win at tomorrow night.

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