Curt Fraser postgame interview over Avtomobilist

23 December 2019

Reporter:Please comment on tonight's game.

Curt Fraser:We knew this was gonna be a hard-fought game. They had a bunch of injuries. They got everybody back tonight. They put on their best line-up on the ice. So definitely a difficult evening.


On the flip side, we were missing 8 guys tonight. And it seems like everyday we lose another player. And these aren’t just hard-working 3rd and 4th lines. These are key guys. And we really miss them right now. So we’re not getting away with anything. The team continues to work hard. And we are gonna have to get some of these injured players back soon. 


A battle like that, we are trying to catch Avtomobilist. We were 2 points back. And they knew how important this game was. So did we. But we are missing too many people right now. We are gonna have to find a way to show up a lot of our games. Because we are not gonna see a lot of players back for a while. We are gonna find ways to win and so we are gonna put this game behind us, get ready for Minsk and see if we can come up with a good game, find a way to beat them.

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