Curt Fraser postgame interview over Torpedo

21 December 2019

Reporter: Please comment on tonight's game.

Curt Fraser:  Rough one for the guys tonight after getting points for 8 straight games. Even right in the opening faceoff, we were off. Like I said, from early in the game, I thought they skated really well. They did everything they need to do to play a strong game. And we were back on our heels the entire night. So very disappointing game. One we gotta put behind us and get ready for the next game because there’s no time to waste. We gotta take advantage of this home ice.


Sometimes this game can be very humbling. We’ve been playing extremely well. Our guys for a long time now: goaltending, defense, forwards. Everything was in the right direction. And tonight, I don’t know what happens in these games. But Torpedo was the better team. They deserve the win. We just weren’t good enough tonight. 

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