Curt Fraser postgame interview over Admiral (1218)

18 December 2019

Reporter: Please comment on tonight's game.

Curt Fraser: We knew this was gonna be really tough games. And for our guys to find a way to score 6 goals tonight, you know, 4 last night. That’s a really good step in their direction for our hockey club. We had a tough time scoring this year. We gotta relying on a few guys to get all the offense done. And now it starts spreading all over the group and everybody is contributing.


The special teams were good. You know, short-handed goal, power play was really good. Just a lot of good things in the game. Luke Lockhart, a couple of goals. The kid is…you know…every night he is one of our best players. Because he does such a good job defensively for us and faceoffs, penalty killing. It’s nice to see him get a reward with a couple of goals tonight. 


Picking up a couple of bumps tonight, injuries, it’s nice to being able to call up Magee and Gunas. They did a real good job to fill in. That’s awesome that our VHL team can provide us with some depth. But it’s gonna be important down the stretch that we get extra players coz injuries are gonna happen. Fortunately so far this year, we get around it a little bit. But we got some long term injuries that is really affecting us right now. But other players are starting to step up now and make up for that.


Over the stretch of getting points and most games we played for a while now, we’re trying to catch up to the rest of the teams, the top. Our team start with our goaltenders. Hrubec and Smith have been absolutely incredible. And that gives us a chance every night. And now we are starting to find a way to build some offense into our group. I like the way our team is playing right now. 


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