Curt Fraser postgame interview over Admiral (1217)

17 December 2019

Reporter: Please comment on tonight's game.

Curt Fraser: Coming off the break, we had 3 excellent days of practice. Guys have been working hard, skating well. And we wanted to get off to a real good start. This is a team we have to catch and get by—Admiral. They play strong against us. So tonight ,we came out, got a good jump in the first period and all the guys felt really good and we were able to perform good all night.


The first period, we came out with a lead and then the second period, about half way through, we started to get a little bit loose. And then we scored a couple more and, I mean that was very nice and great, but we got loose. It was a huge win for a hockey club. A great builder for our team.  A great win for our team. Devante scored tonight, get him on the board. Lots of good things.


You know we got some great things happen tonight. Spencer Foo, we thought we might be missing him for quite a while, but the guys have done a great job of rehabbing him and getting him back in the lineup to play and he scored a huge goal for us tonight. You want to win, your special teams gotta be strong there and 2 PPGs tonight. So good penalty killing. Lots of good things tonight for our hockey club and a great win. 


We wanted to win every period. I thought, you know the 3rd period, 2 open nets, we could have come out there as well. But we controlled the game, we wound up winning. But now we gotta forget about this quickly and focus on tomorrow. Tomorrow’s game is even bigger.

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