Curt Fraser postgame interview over Vityaz (1202)

2 December 2019

Reporter: Please comment on tonight's game.

Curt Fraser: A real challenge tonight. Good team, you know, we were playing Simon, he is a tough guy to handle. They’ve been a real good team. They were patient, they waited out and they waited for you to make mistakes. And fortunate for our guys tonight did a real good job at managing the puck. And our goal tender was great whenever we needed him. 


You need your best players to step up in a game like tonight. It was a tough game over there, just like a battle. And having our big line scores the tying goal. Then we go into the shootout. To have Miller score a great goal in the shootout followed up by Luke Lockhart, scored a beautiful goal to win us the game. And that’s a huge 2 points for our hockey club.


The story tonight was Shimmy in goal. Simon and Smith continue to do an amazing job for our hockey team to give us an opportunity to win these close games every night. And in one of these games, I promise that we will score more than 2 goals.

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