Curt Fraser postgame interview over Dynamo Msk 1019

19 October 2019

Reporter: What's your opinion about this game?

Curt Fraser: That was a hard-fought game. A very well-played game. The start was a little concerning with all the penalties. But later in the period, I thought we started to skate and we started to put some pressure on Dynamo. And the rest of the game was well played. I think Cracknell’s line did a great job. I think we shut them down pretty good or kept them under control any way. And it gives us a chance to win.

Our special teams were good tonight. Power play goal. But we are not gonna win very many games scoring one goal. This has haunted us for most of the season. We are gonna find a way to get more pucks to the net and find the back of the net. And hope to when Wolski came back soon, that’ll help. 


I liked all the young guys, or all the young players, maybe not a lot of young guys but in experience that we had back on defense tonight did a good job. I thought everybody kicked in, competed hard. I thought it was a real entertaining hockey game. But again, we’ve been in too many these close games and come out of the wrong side of it.

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