Curt Fraser postgame interview over Lokomotiv 1013

13 October 2019

Reporter: What's your opinion about this game?

Curt Fraser: That was an eye-opener tonight. I thought we started well tonight. We were skating good. And we gave up a couple of goals that get us on our heels a little bit. And the rest of the night was really tough. It was the first time I had to take a goaltender out since I’ve been here with the Red Star. I don’t like doing that. Our defense made a couple of errors. Our forwards were unable to carry the puck to the neutral zone very well. We’ve put our goaltenders under a lot of strain this year. But tonight we couldn’t get it done.


Even when it was 5-2, I still thought we had a chance in the third period. I still thought we were gonna come back. And we came out and then we take the penalty and winds up in the back of ??? So it wasn’t a good night for our hockey club. We gotta learn from this and move on. And the next game we come out, we gotta get back to play like we did the first 2 games here at home and write the show.

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