Curt Fraser postgame interview over Avangard

26 January 2019

Reporter: What's your opinion about this game?

Curt Fraser: I was a little bit disappointed with our start. We knew we were up against a very, very strong opponent. And we had to be ready to come out the gate and really start hard and fast for the first 10 minutes to neutralize their attack. And instead we got a… We turned the pucks over a few times. We got back on our heels and we let them come at us. We started turn the pucks over and that was not us at all. And then we all started to improve, the second period. Actually, we started earlier than that. Penalty problems. That’s not us either. You don’t take that penalties and give a team like that with excellent power play opportunities. So we made it very hard on ourselves tonight. We dug ourselves a hole we can’t get out of it.


Reporter: Avangard’s players are fast and aggressive, gave us a lot of pressure. Do we have some plans about that?

Curt Fraser: They’ve got a very, very strong team. Veteran players that have been around a long time there. They are very well coached. There’s no room for error out here. The margin is very small. You can make a couple of mistakes and maybe Alex can bail us out. But you can’t give them. But we give them tonight-A chances, power play opportunities. I just didn’t think we were. It looked like they were a much better team than we were. Can’t let that happen. I think we were better than that.

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