Curt Fraser postgame interview over Salavat

22 January 2019

Reporter: What's your opinion about this game?

Curt Fraser: You know I was…for being the first night to coach the team. I thought we played very well. We deserved a much better fate. I believed the kids did so many good things. But we’re gonna have to get better around the net. Something we’ll start working on tomorrow, getting in the dirty areas, being harder around the net, because we had some good looks tonight, we just couldn’t finish.


Reporter: So what do you think about playoff chances?

Curt Fraser: I think very good. If we continue to play like this, and we just get a little bit better around the net, I think we’re gonna have a good chance, a good shot at it. It’s not gonna be easy, all these teams are good, and we wanna be one of those teams. So I know the guys are hungry for it. They want to get after it, we want to make the playoffs bad. So I think we get an opportunity to do something special here. But it’s gonna take a lot of hard work and we gotta find a way to make that ending whether it’s overtime or shootout. We gotta find a way to win these games.


Reporter: Our team looked totally different tonight, what changes did you make?

Curt Fraser: We have a good team. I think that…A new voice coming in here, helped a lot. And the last couple days we try to refocus the group, a couple of changes in the offensive zone, a couple of changes in the neutral zone, a couple of things differently in the D zone. And then just have the group come out with that effort, and play with that enthusiasm, was very impressive for me. It’s upsetting that guys didn’t get reward for that hard work. But like I said, if we keep playing like that every night, we’re gonna win a lot of games. And that will give us a chance to get into the playoffs. But it’s not gonna be easy but we’re gonna keep pushing, playing hard and have a good fun run till the end here.

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