Jussi Tapola postgame interview over Lokomotiv

17 January 2019

Reporter: What's your opinion about this game?

Jussi Tapola: Well, hard and frustrated week for us. Big thoughts about this week, these games. Again today, good preparation from the team, like game flow. We controlled the first 10 minutes and then those mistakes we made and opponents scored from all of those mistakes. That is the thing we have to do better. Not to give those breakaways on 2 on 1. That’s the most important thing you know. 


Reporter: So Lokomotiv scored a couple of goals from their young fast players. Is it what we are lacking as a team? This young energy?

Jussi Tapola: That’s one thing this approach is all about. Hopefully can bring Chinese young players to this team and that takes time, but maybe next season, there will be. I’m sure there will be.


Reporter: What was going on in the 1st period, it was hard to come back when we were down by three.

Jussi Tapola: Well first one was a little too easy, easy goal, just sure dangle shot. And again like take one breakaway. Then we got the power play to come back to the game and they scored also when we play PP. So those big mistakes we have to just chop out. The game flow, we had good game today like 5-5 game, how we played the game and how we supported, that’s OK. That’s what we did lot better than the last 2 games. But when you make those big mistakes, and the opponents are so effective from those chances, then you lose the game 5-1.

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