Jussi Tapola postgame interview over Severstal

15 January 2019

Reporter: What's your opinion about this game?

Jussi Tapola: Very disappointed about losing this game. Important game for us, home game and great chances, but I think the last effort in front of the net, we were lacking that screening the goalie and winning those rebounds and then gave 2 easy goals for the opponent. 


Reporter: Severstal's coach is sick today, waht do you think?

Jussi Tapola: At this part of the season, it doesn’t matter. The players know how to play their games. It’s not about the coaches. We have the system, we have everything. Now it’s more what’s the team inside.


Reporter: So what's the prospect of playoffs?

Jussi Tapola: Well, we fighting every game, we’re trying to get points and that’s the only goal. Tomorrow watching what happened today and then fight the next game. A lot of games coming, so have to go the next game soon.

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