Jussi Tapola postgame interview over Admiral (Back to Back)

5 January 2019

Reporter: What's your opinion about this game?

Jussi Tapola: Well good win, that’s the main point. First we came really good hard, after the last game, prepared themselves really good today. In second, we had to find ways to keep it up and now we start to take penalties and after 1 goal, 2nd goal, 3rd goal. So the 2nd period hasn’t been good for us in many games. So that’s one thing we have to do, of course, talk with players what to do there better. We weren’t afraid of winning in the third, and the guys, first line found a way to score a goal and good goaltending also. Admiral got those chances. Good win.

Reporter:  We were totally different in the first and second, what happened?

Jussi Tapola: I think we were pretty good in the first 10 in the second. We had good chances, we didn’t from those. That was the difference between the first and the second. First we started to take penalties, then they score the first goal. The second goal was our mistake. Of course it feels like when you score a goal and in the second you don’t want your opponent scores but it’s mental. It’s more like you prepare yourself, you go to the 1st, you played a good game, you had a 3-0 lead. If you think this would go the easy way the rest of the game, then it’s not gonna be there.

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