Jussi Tapola postgame interview over Admiral

3 January 2019

Reporter: What's your opinion about this game?

Jussi Tapola: Well a good quality hockey game, tight game, good defense from both teams and it was very good quality. Of course didn’t get the point so disappointed for that but players gave everything on ice. Had chances there but today wasn’t our day.

Reporter: You changed the goalie in the 2nd period, you never did it before, can you explain that?

Jussi Tapola: Well we handed 3 goals, the last one was of course a easy goal, so sometimes it’s better to change the goalie and we trust Lazushin, it’s not about that, it’s more about getting a fresh start for the team.

Reporter: 18 games left now, can you tell us the prospect of playoffs from the schedule?

Jussi Tapola: Well we concentrate everyday. When we have practice day, we concentrate and we practice hard. When we have game day, we concentrate on winning those games and doing our best. That’s all what we can do.The schedule is there and the most important thing is concentrate every day.

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