Jussi Tapola postgame interview over SKA

25 December 2018

Reporter: What's your opinion about this game?

Jussi Tapola: This is the last of this home series we played, and of course disappointed about the result. Got good teams today. We challenged SKA, a good big team. And went 2-0 lead but then they showed why they are that good team. They have the skill to score those goals and create those chances. We were fighting. We had ??? there. But it also comes in the 3rd a little bit, we’re starting ??? things and of course penalty. And those small things we just have to do better to get wins.


We did pretty good in the first, and SKA came back, so what did you tell the player after the game in the locker room. 


Well, it’s simple. We have everything to win these games. All these games are one goal games. But we need to have better mindset when we go to the third period. Of course in the 3rd, everything is sort of always like the result comes that way. We can’t be afraid of losing. We just have to have the mindset about winning and find a way.


Reporter: We have to play a lot of PK. So were you studying the PP of SKA?

Jussi Tapola: For sure, we always study all of our opponents’ PP. But of course they have that much skill so if you are a little bit wrong in position, then they find a lane to pass and shoot. That’s they’re the players in this league. So they can play that PP and find a way. Even if we learn how they played, it’s not gonna help. They’ll change sth. So that’s the reason.

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