Jussi Tapola postgame interview over Torpedo

26 October 2018

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Reporter: What's you impression of the game?

Jussi Tapola: The 1st period was awful from our team. They came to our game harder and we didn’t find the ways to win the pressure. And we were glad to go 0-0 on the break and tried to get it back, the game back in second and third. Well, get a little better in the third but still like, from our side, we have to figure it out what happened after a good Kazan game. Of course Torpedo is a good team, but all those passes and ? game wasn’t good from us.

Reporter: What do you think we can improve to get into the playoffs?

Jussi Tapola:  Well, just concentrate on our daily work. That’s all that matters. Now start looking for playoffs, that’s like 4 months away. So what happens every day, that matters.


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