August, 2019 - Kunlun Red Star

New faces, welcome appearance

25 August 2019

Pre-season ends in Magnitogorsk

Promising signs despite narrow loss

23 August 2019

Dragons gave a tough battle to Magnitka

A winning start

22 August 2019

Romazan Cup opened with KRS victory

Hello again!

17 August 2019

Ethan Werek signed one-year deal

From the AHL to our playoffs?

10 August 2019

Kunlun Red Star season preview by

Halted at the last

7 August 2019

Dragons finished second in Renaissance Cup

Full circle

6 August 2019

Dragons reach Renaissance Cup final

Champions of China

6 August 2019

Another local derby goes our way

Greetings from the ‘Great 8’

4 August 2019

KRS Select win Chinese rivalry

A chance to recall Alaska

3 August 2019

Garet Hunt talks to

Experimental roster starts pre-season

2 August 2019

Renaissance Cup was launched in Beijing

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