Jussi Tapola postgame interview over Avtomobilist

7 October 2018

Reporter: What's your impression of this game?

Jussi: We met good players from the top team in this league. We knew what they were like. They are a good hard team and we were there for 2 periods. We had our chances. But then it’s the difference to be a develop team, you know that in the 3rd you can put up more and score those goals. The blocks off was like 14 after 2 period. I had to admire that how they sacrificing their selves in front of our shots. And that’s why they’re leading the league. So no surprise for me.


Reporter: We suffer some defense injuries lately. So what did you do to for today's game?

Jussi: We have a couple of forwards as D and they play well today. I hope we get those players back. It’s a team game and it’s a hockey game. No matter you’re a forward or a D, when you play the game, now we can handle it.

Reporter: From the Olympic training camp in Beijing to the summer camp in Europe and till now. What do you think the biggest change of this team

Jussi: Well now we know how to play the system. We are there. We know how to play the game. We just to understand how the game goes, you can’t paly only 40 minutes and give up easy chances. You have to be there and focus all the time. 60 minutes, every shift, no matter what happens. Our emotions go too much up and down. That’s the difference like learning how to be a top team, winning team. When you are good in offense, you are creating chances, don’t get too excited though. The opponents will have those couple of chances and score from those. So keep on playing, keep the balance. Don’t get too emotional. That’s the only thing. Learning and it’s a learning process for us.

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