Jussi Tapola postgame interview over Metallurg

3 October 2018

Q: Your impression of this game?


Jussi: Of course, I’m very disappointed. Came back home, we had a good road trip. Our games are developing, but we’re like in somewhere between being there and playing at the game, but we’re not playing the winning game. The goal is playing humble, pucks deep, going to the battles, winning it from the net then. And we tried to make too much offensive plays from our chances, not to get deep shots. And that’s why we didn’t score on those almost chances. And teams like Metallurg, the game goes on, they get to the game, they will score from those chances if you give them.

Q: Is there any reason first home game goes not like you planned?

Jussi: Good question. We have to tell with the team. Of course as a coach, we had 2 good practices and you think everything is ready and it’s huge disappointed that we are not like what we have to be to win this kind of game. That’s one thing we have to talk with the team and of course with coaches.


Q: Why you agree Pavel Vorobei go to Sibir, he was really productive last season?

Jussi: We had the six Ds. We play with six. He wasn’t getting so much ice time. He’s a good and young player where he can’t get the ice time and game time, that’s the reason we don’t wanna keep any good developing young player here.

QWhat you wanna say about St.Pierre?

JussiHe brings us the powerplay which we need, I hope…of course he'll need skatings and practices. Now we want him to get back into good shape. But has been so far, he’s a good player for us.

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